Sunday, June 04, 2006

shopping early for halloween....

i know its many months away now, but its never to early to shop for halloween costumes or even making one - maybe in latex!!

i remember seeing the space girl one in a shop down on broadway but stupidly failed to buy it. i like how the skirt sticks out on its own like the retro 50's styled it is. would look great with my new 5" heeled pvc boots and mayb a few strips of silver chrome tape.

when i did a net search i also found a jane jetsons styled one with a lovely wig to go with it.

lastly this came up in an email due to my namesake. jeannie from i dream of jeannie. wonder how hard it would be to make one in latex? the hotpants and bra can be normal weight but the legs and rest the very light weight clear latex i've seen around.

so what are you wearing this halloween? and what costumes do you think are sexy from online shops?



Oneeyedjack said...

Those two outfits are adorable! I particularly like the one with the flared skirt.

Don't know what we're going to do for Halloween this year. Last year my petdoll was a latex nun and I was The Devil in red face paint and red velvet jacket. We went to the SMack party at Avalon and had a great time. I'm thinking perhaps we'll do a military theme. Pet has a transparent olive military skirt and jacket from Breathless and I'm looking to get a grey latex weremacht style uniform. I think it'd be pretty hot.

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