Friday, June 02, 2006

so why do you think i'm doing this.....?

please have a think and post your comments.

the entire collar thing is building and building to a point where i want to seal it on with wax. am i doing it for me or for someone else? is it part of me or a sign of something else? does it have _anything_ to do with my need to be a doll?

something happened today which pushed me into the light to ask the questions more seriously.

so why do you think i'm doing this?



Bradley said...

Asudem Latex asked, elsewhere on her blog:

"i'm still not sure about the collar, i like it when i have it on, i like knowing its there but what are my reasons? myself or pleasing others?


There's the rub. :)

We know you are doing this for yourself, that you want to be a living doll, on your terms. But...

One of the things a doll does, one of the big things a doll is, is being an object of affection, or attention. Dolls are around to please others too. That is rather implicit...that if there is a doll, there is either a doll-maker or a doll owner.

And that is where the living doll thing blends into the Top/Bottom thing. ;) Which may be a bit heavy for you now as you are just getting properly started. If you feel the pressure to wear the collar is a bit much, and not from you on your own terms, set that collar aside for now and pursue it again when *you* feel right with it. It won't be going anywhere. I said, on the other hand, dolls to exist to please others too, they want to be pretty and adored by other people, and if the collar geniunely makes you feel in your role that way....

I dunno, it is one of those things, it is in a grey area. Does your inner doll wear a collar, and if so, is it for herself or to be a pretty plaything for others?

Asudem Latex said...

i'm going to give it a week, and then post my thoughts on it. i have a few now but some soul searching is in order i think to give me renewed direction and commitment.

and i was hoping to wax seal it on wed morning to time it with someones departure..., but it can always wait.


Oneeyedjack said...

To me the collar is meaningless without the person who holds the leash. Nothing but an accessory like any other. If it changes the way you feel or think, great, but that's just my opinion as a top.

My doll had a collar of her own when I met her. It was little more than an accessory of wishful thinking. The collars that I have bought her since we met - culminating in the sterling choker with engraved lock that I just purchased are the ones that hold meaning, since they are a symbol of real ownership brought to life.

Anyway, it's like having me holding a whip and noone to use it on - the sound of one hand clapping.

juliensorel61 said...

To me the doll thing and bondage stuff like collars are exactly the same thing. A doll can't move on her own, can't stop people from doing with her whatever they want. Both interests are about power and powerlessness.

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