Sunday, June 11, 2006

your mother was a secret latex doll....

its a popular conception that latex fetish is a recent thing, with magazines like skin two, marquis etc pushing the limits of latex fashions.... but this is not true. as far back as the early 70's there were also latex fetishists and they had they're own small b/w magazine called 'atomage'.

it was no where near the magazines as we know them today, closer to readers wifes and magazines like 'shiny' and 'rubberist' but they have their own charm. atomage has their own entry in wikipedia here and an appreciation site with cover scans here.

when rubber and latex was commonly used in manufacturing pre WWII there were alot of people who fell in love with the material back then too... so it might be that your great great grandmother was a latex doll... ;-)


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blackice said...

I read somewhere that Mr Goodyear the inventor of the vulcansation process used to wear latex / rubber clothing and even wrote a little booklets on its various health benefits. I chased Goodyear Corp and was shocked to discover that they just nicked his name and had no connection to him at all. In fact he was totally ripped off after creating the process that allows raw rubber to be used.