Monday, June 05, 2006

a book for dolls-to-be in japanese or.....?

i found this on another blog which i then tracked to a tiawanese blogger. i sent him an email after snatching these images fo the book called 'Under the Skin of Feminine'.

another link to information is here

does anyone know more? or can read the text and post a translation please?



Anonymous said...

you probably know this site already but the same person that created those "real dolls" also creates really realistic masks, that can add a lot (in my opinion) to the doll trnasformation. check it out:

and the pictures in:

there is even a full torso, i think it's really beautiful

Anonymous said...

by the way that was me :)

James W.

SteveMND said...

Yeah, wow... just, well... wow. Very impressive. 'Course, a price tag to match, but still...

I know that folks in both the US and Japan have been clammoring for similar bodysuits ever since the first Real Dolls hit the market; I suppose with the sculptors and such starting to make these, it's only a matter of time now...

Asudem Latex said...

more from the author - who reads my blog!!! :-) :-)

The book is now only published in Chinese texts. 288 pages, about 13 US dollars. But only sold in Taiwan and Hong Kong.The book is focus on female mask fetish, also many other desires, such as latex, furvert, ponyplay, robot, doll, breath control, necro...Last month, the book was selected as the focus of the month by Eslite Bookstore, the biggest bookstore in Taiwan. Now i have the plan to translate it into English. ( If time and money allows me to do that)

The Books.Com.Tw has the service to oversea transport.


i've asked for shipping costs direct for europe and us from him and he'll email me when he knows.


pyewacket said...

i found dollification through a 're-search' book about weird fetishes.{last year}I forget the name.It has good chapters on plushie pony, balloon and doll. do u know of it?
If your ever get a copie of This Tiwanese mag could you scan it for us? Get the blogger to stock up on some copies to post out? even tho one couldnt read it, be great to have in the libary!

Asudem Latex said...

he's sent information too me and i'm just waiting to see if i can publish it here. seems to be selling them direct.


Edo-The Akibakei said...

Interesting book, unfortunately the GF is from the PRC and doesn't read the Taiwanese version of Kanji well and I only read Japanese.

blackice said...

I've just had two books arrive - they look amazing btw - and ones for me and ones for you (I did a barter for Marquis mags).

I'll post them along with the panties once ynoty has made them and you've emailed me a suitable PO box or some such. I can imagine your concern work wise about giving out any personal information on the web.

Books very thick and really stacked with illustrations. Even has Katherine Gates fetish roadmap as a fold out.

Will be a must have when its in english.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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