Thursday, June 29, 2006

plastic barbie shoes....

i've been sent in some links for the melissa plastic shoes that i had written about previously here.

the ones with the wedge scooped heel are the cutest!! and in pink they are so definately barbie.

if your in australia you should be able to find them in some shops and they also list stockists on the homepage as well as have occasional sales on the site here. the ones created by international designer Karim Rashid (shown) are on sale for 169 aus$

the big find was a store in brazil that does mail order and has the complete line of the melissa shoes which are only partly available in australia. their site is here and it is possible to use google translater to look around it and make a selection. you then need to email them and organise payment with a credit card as the online ordering won't work with foreigners.

but the good news is that they're very, very cheap there even with the shipping and same ones are 80 brazilian money.

i think i'll go for a pink pair to match the catsuit i want to get off ebay ;-)



pyewacket said...

I did some shopping for {was it 'Black Ice?}somone through Dolls Realm, trying to track the Melissa barbie shoes here in Melbourne Australia.Seemed I was a few months too late as ALL the stockists had 'gotten rid of'{sold at sales price} their summer stock. The Shoes, no where to be found!-has anyone got them through the Melissa web site? Probly the only option IS through Brazil!

Anonymous said...

you can get the pink wedges here also, in limited sizes:

blackice said...

Yes that was me. I manged to track down the kr heel and ordered a few for friends and a gold pair for a photoshoot with my mini model.

I have this idea as they're very shell like and i have a small sized gold zentai mermaid outfit to do a photo story/sequence called 'the mermaid's shoes'.

Meanwhile my mini models back to London and not replying to emails or txt's. Which reminds me why I stopped doing fashion photography. groan