Monday, June 05, 2006

best way to contact me....

is still my email address. i do check my im but really pretty rarely and i don't have the time to chat for hours if you happen to catch me online.

of course you can post comment here and i'm as likely to answer them as any emails.

really i'd rather put more time and work into researching info and posting blog entries than anything. i do have a life too you know :P

... saying that, emails i can usually get to during the day and they provide a welcome distraction from work - assuming i'm not in meetings or on site etc.

so write, comment, send links and photo's etc ;-)



pyewacket said...

Dear Fairy DollMother,
i have to comment on one of my rubber gloves literley bursting!It had got some air and i hit my hand on the floor!bang!-good thing i had my Kigurumi mask on! Does this sort of thing happen with regular rubber wear users?

Oneeyedjack said...

Never seen it happen, but I can imagine it quite easily.

Bradley said...

From what little I've seen with rubber and latex goods in general, sometimes pollution can get to the material in urban areas. For future reference you might want to be sure to keep the rubber items clean, out of the sun and not only indoors but in an indoor closet well away from the windows, and also away from dust and other impurities that can age the stuff prematurely...

Just my two cents.

Oneeyedjack said...

I think he/she just got some air in it. The glove popped like a blown up balloon

blackice said...

You should store your latex in dark cool places and wash and thoroughly before putting away. Talcing seems to be optional.

Were these normal molded latex gloves or surgical styled ones? The latter are prone to tearing as they're so thin - like balloons for that matter.

My first night at a fetish club had me rip my molded latex leggings.... which is one reason to avoid anything molded IMHO.


pyewacket said...

Im using latex in a performance situation and its problematic.In a diffucult costume change i tore my second pair of,quite thick,gloves.Those latex Oprea's (mentioned in Dolls realm a while back)must have had quite a backup of
Such a simple mistake and im OFF getting ANOTHER pair of gloves.
{doll just cant do without them!}

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