Sunday, June 25, 2006

is it the journey or the end..... ?

some days i wish someone could just zap me and make me latex.

other days i enjoy the rituals of putting my freshly cleaned and newly talc'd latex panties on, thinking to myself 'with these i am making myself a latex doll' a the cool tightness embraces by bottom and my now so smooth pussy.

i'm not sure which i want, but i do know i'd like it all to go _alot_ faster.

and not have to worry about work and bills and office politics etc. even being found out at work. i mean latex does smell when it gets warm... so far no ones said anything. but that could be good a/c and that some people in my office not knowing when to stop with the perfume or cologne.

some of those stories on legacy and gromets site just hit me so hard i want to jump into them and be the main character. to be taken out of the world and so changed so much i'd not be human anymore. a step past no return: forever into the latex doll.

am i mad? or just kinky? or is it the pressures of 9-5 (well beyond some days for me) and needing a fantasy escape? if you saw this story you'd put me in the 'mad' catergory.

but is it the journey or the end? i still don't know



Bradley said...

Personally, I'd say I prefer the journey to the end, in terms of making a living doll of someone, but I will be the first to admit that the journey is much more bearable when you *have* someone to do it with, a partner in dolling is a must, even if it is just online. :)

It's okay though, you're doing well Asudem...keep up the good work, and realize that you aren't alone even if it feels that way. You aren't alone in either your frustration or your desire hang in there, anything worth having is worth fighting for.

Cube said...

Frankly, it's better to dream than to live a life without such dreams. And it is such a joy to watch you dream, following along as I do much the same... bit by bit, piece by piece.

There's a whole world out there, and it's a shame that we're not at the point where we can express these things freely.

Your devotion fascinates me, and is quite compelling reading. Please keep at it.

WinterRose said...

I do know the feeling sometimes. Me an my sweetie have come to an understanding of my own MC/Robot/Doll leaning fetishes, but it's not going to be something we can ever share cos it doesn't work for her. We love each other too much to ever part over it though.

That said... there's times when I am so stressed out and tired of the world around me, I'll jump into a character's point of view in a story on the various ASFR, MC or Dolly sites and just wonder how nice it'd be to leave it all behind.

You want something that sounds mad? I'm still rather hoping someday for a method by which human consciousness can be transplanted FROM the brain so I can have several customized bodies I can transfer between. Both genders and a couple of hermaphroditic mixes of the two. (Why limit onesself to one facet of sexual existence?) I just have to hope that the technology comes before my mind goes the way of all flesh.

So no. You're not mad. You have a rather healthy fantasy life, and the monetary means to augment it and pursue it. Would that we were all in your situation.

jsan said...

speaking of your dream winterrose if you ever look at an pen and paper rpg called cyberpunk 2020 they had that same exact technology available for someone who goes full conversion cyborg pretty neat stuff.

WinterRose said...

Ohhhh I have. I have. ^_^