Sunday, June 25, 2006

of course it stretches....

i've been corrected by 'cc' who has kindly sent in some images of a sex doll converted into a wearable suit for someone of a larger build.

apparently; 'I'm 5'10 about 200lbs' and 'actually the suit is easy to make just whatever the doll costs, a wetsuit from ebay or thrift store some glue and about 2 hours of time during a day.'

she added 'the longest I've lasted is maybe an hour and a half but it probaly was an hour just seemed like it was that long.
really tight for me, and muscle cramps start, mostly in the hands, the lower body fits great, tight but no to tight, but the upper body, hands and face are really cramped.'

so not too good for long term wearing then it seems.



x. said...

Wow, 7 entries today.

How do you do it? :)

Anonymous said...


Beautiful pictures of "being a doll"... I hope we will see more soon.