Saturday, June 10, 2006

something more....

since the begining of the week i've had an itch i can't scatch. well not a real one, its a metaphor actually... it may have stemmed from wanting to wear the collar and seal it on but deciding against it.

i'm feeling a pull for something permenant. a statement, a sacrifice and a sign of commitment to the latex doll i am becoming.

maybe its the full moon tommorrow, maybe something deep in my soul is crying to be heard. i just really don't know.

i think all of this would be much much easier to do with a loving partner and not having to worry about things like work, rent, food and office politics. as suggested by someone else on email, i just need to wrapped tightly in a corset, ballet boots, gloves etc and left in the basement display case until my body caught up with my pull of my heart.

self conditioning is a very slow process it seems... and i'm making progress - its been over five months now since i put on my latex panties only to remove then too sleep and wash them. likewise my heel training is def moving along at a pace. my arches are hurting when i walk flat footed now.

so i am changing, i am being drawn by something... but somedays i wish it was all happening way faster.



WinterRose said...

Makes me sorry we'll likely never meet in RL. You sound like someone I think it'd be quite interesting to know. Though of course... I'm already spoken for. It might make for interesting alternate life fiction tho. *shrug* I wish I could help ya. I think you're going to make someone with our interests an intensely happy person someday.

Myself? I'd wait to give that something permanent to the right person. But that's me.

Bradley said...

Ditto. What Rose said. :">

I mean, I do keep having vivid, intense, half-lucid dreams of actually meeting and dollifying a willing woman still, but given the way things are in most of the USA...nah. It won't happen, not until I am an old man anyway.

But you know the saying, "those who can, do, and those who can't teach?" Well, it does seem my destiny to teach and groom willing ladies online to be the living dolly, even if we never meet. So at least I find an outlet for this somewhere. ;)

And I am sure you will too Asudem.