Thursday, June 08, 2006

dolls as models...

seems to be a test site or a photographic project. not too sure which untill i interview the creator of these images are reproduced here with permission of the photographer.

and the big question is - where are the barbies with nipples from? are they easier to work with than normal model :P

interview with the creator of 31 Station Road:

why did you set up the site?

In "real life" I am a professional glamour photographer and I photograph real naked women all day. So there comes a point when I need to do something else that is fun and takes me away from my everyday work.

The site was set up as a bit of fun, and a little chance at creativity on my days off.

where did you find barbies with nipples? mine don't...

Mine don't either. Barbies have never had nipples. But a little bit of glue and paint can turn them into anything you want. :-)

You might also notice that the men (Action man, GI Joe etc) also have a little extra in some of the photos.

are they easier or harder to work with than models?

They certainly don't ask for as many breaks and will work all night if you need them to.

are there more sequences planned?

At this moment the site is on "hold" as I am working hard in my normal life. As 31 Station Road is a site that is almost a hobby then it has to wait until I have time for setting up new stuff. At this moment I have no plans to do anything specific, but that may change as my work load goes down. If anyone has any suggestions to what they would like to see then I will certainly listen.

do you think there's more interest now with dolls with all the goth ones out as well as the burlesque revival?

I actually wasn't aware that there were Goth dolls on the market. This may be different in the UK (where the site comes from). We may get different dolls.

do you think barbie should be a role model?

Oooooh! I can't answer that one. Barbie is a doll and as you have seen on the site, she can be made to do some wicked things. So it would depend on what kind of roll model you were looking for. :-)


Bradley said...

Hmm, pity we can't add doll features to real women as easily as we can to them in Photoshop, yes? ;) *lol* The pics are still yummy though. :D

Manne said...

OH MY...!!!