Saturday, June 10, 2006

the goth doll connection..

is there one? there seems to be alot of different types of goth dolls out there. is it the women buying them or the guys? do they want to be doll themselves? do you know any?

maybe they just trying to rebel against the clean clut blondeness of barbie?

image is from the homepage of be goths dolls here which appear to be very collectable.

more when i know more....



SteveMND said...

The gothic subculture is an intriguing one. Initially, like most subcultures, it began as a way to allow individuals to break from the mainstream culture. Of course, as it became more popular, it found itself becoming a mainstream culture. It's hard to find a sitcom or cartoon that doesn't have it's "token goth kid" somewhere in the cast, and the goth "look" has become so cliched itself that it's almost embarrasing.

On the other hand, the mainstreaming of goth meant that there were now enough people with disposable income desperately wanting to be in the subculture that retailers could afford to actually mass-market goth-related items. Gothic "barbies" are one such item.

However, all else being said, and regardless of how cliche and mainstream it has become... there is something just so damn attractive about most women all gothed up. :)

Bradley said...

Personally, I think a lot of the attraction of the modern goth look can be described in two words: high maintenance. :)

As in, it takes some *effort* (for both the guys and girls) to *look* all gothed-up. You can actually say they are all "dolled-up" in the sense that their look takes thought, work, and effort to pull off.

Which makes me ask: how many folks are *into* dolling just because it implies that the doll-to-be is actually trying to please others, put in some work and *be pretty*?

pyewacket said...

Maybe a doll IS made to please others? Typically it seems,a doll gets somwhat sad when not being able to please .Such as in 'Toy Story'. So to make ones self as pretty as possible is most nessasary.
Im interested in that old saying..."To get dolled up", and wonder where it originated.
{Its great when you see the goth kids out!fantasy and reality merge.Thanks to those who do!}