Sunday, June 25, 2006

how to wear a hood??

i've tried stuff on my face and it really don't like it - not even sun glasses. i don't i'd do well with a latex hood although i do love the idea of being totally coated in latex and well that implies a hood now doesn't it?

so i'm open to suggestions on how to train myself to get used too it. a friend suggest wearing a swimming cap as much as possible and even sleeping with it on.

whats your experiences with hoods? do you like them? can you sleep in them too?

here's a new website for those really into hoods: here. creatively titled 'hood lovers' its made by hood enthusiast kim who runs club rub in london. image is from their site and was taken by blackice at the Torture Garden Ball a couple of months ago. total enclosure suit design is from libidex.



Anonymous said...

well, you can try with that swimming cap, but also you might want to start with an open face hood, a hood that only covers neck and the back of the head, leaving the face free. try that for a coupld of weeks, then move to one that has big openings for the mouth, nose and eyes, for example those at the marquis site ( and when you are ready then either go for one that covers the mouth or eyes, etc.

now, sleeping might be a problem, so again go for one that has big mouth and nostrils. i managed to sleep almost every night for a week with a hood on with no problem. i even forgot i had it on one morning until to face the mirror to shave :)


james w.

Anonymous said...

swimming cap and open face hood are a good start
i had a problem in the face region
at teh end i used liquid latex
starting with a little point and every night this point gets bigger and bigger until the face is totaly coverd
then the jump to near any hoody is easy

well it works for me
maybe for you too