Friday, June 09, 2006

westward bound more and more sales....

its really worth signing up to the westward bound email newsletter as they are always having clear outs and sales. i'd say almost monthly now i get an email full of tempting items and really good prices esp with the dollar sucking so.

some do have some discolouring etc but if if your going to wear it out at night then who cares? i mean how many clubs or parties do you know that are held in white brightly lit rooms? yummy mannequins however ;-)

you can sign up to their emails on the main page right hand side here.

this cute outfit and top caught my attention but they have lots more including catsuits and nurses outfits.

oh and if you sign up to libidex's email list they'll keep you updated on offers on their raw rubber range. sadly not jean cuts for women yet...



Oneeyedjack said...

Cool stuff. Nothing mindblowing like some of the European companies (Pretty Pervy, Marquis, HW Designs) but affordable and cute. Nice link.

Asudem Latex said...

i was looking at the rubber doll's site and in her faq she says that while their designs are basic, they are well made and priced for the beginer. and i just had another email sales flyer through from them so its worth signing up for.

i had a nice email from rubberdoll and she agreeded to be interviewed so i'm just waiting to hear back from her with my completed questions with some piccies..