Friday, June 09, 2006

the strange makeup of serge lutens..

a set of scans from the uk's sunday times magazine about serge lutens' make up and resulting photo's.

don't you think that he make all his models look very alien, doll-like and even artificial? there's definately some inspiration in these images for someone who wants to write some kinky transfomation fiction.

has anyone had professional film or theatre makeup done to them? i've read and seen some accounts on various dvd extras of creature transformations that takes _hours_.... but if your into it, then thats half the fun :-)



Dosman! said...

I'm curious, are there any women who actually desire to be seen that way? It seems in this day and age, women have given up on makeup, except for certain social situations. Never mind appearing doll like!

blackice said...

I can say i've seen it at fetish clubs in the UK and some of the burlesque styled ones too. As for the doll makeup - several over the past few weeks - but then I have two universities in town and an art college.

I've noticed a comeback for double pigtails on women too which is very doll like and really not seen at all before.

Now where's that inkwell...


Oneeyedjack said...

Dosman don't give up hope... I share my life with just such a woman like that you speak of! ;-)

pyewacket said...

I was made up by a girlfriend last night before a theater show. I love it.I Get a little bit of a perverted kick out of being made up by somone else. Powder and eyeliner yum! I guess we are moving into 'makeup fetish' territory now. It IS very doll though, a fun activity for doll and doll maker!