Thursday, June 29, 2006

trapped in heels...

my archers really hurt now when i walk on flat feet first thing the morning, and likewise my calfs are aching too. the back of my upper thighs just bellow by bottom is tense and sore too.

i must be getting pretty close to being stuck in heels. maybe another two months or so?

but there's so little information about this ever so permenant transformation. does anyone have any first hand experience they can share or links they can post in comments? there must be _something_ out there....



TSG said...

Instead of walking around barefoot first thing in the morning, slip into your heels and further your transformation. Under no circumstance should you bare feet be touching anything but an arched shoe or boot. Do that, in before the year is out you won’t have a choice but to wear your heels 24/7.

Cynthia Latex said...


TSG is wrong.

The idea that you can somehow "permanently" alter the tendons in your leg to "shorten" so you can ONLY wear high heels is a myth.

Yes, wearing high heels does lead to a retraction and lack of flexibility in the tendons, but they don't "shrink"; they simply don't give the full range of motion.

If you stop wearing heels, your tendons will naturally re-adapt, and you'll walk "normally" again.

Thus, you will ALWAYS have the CHOICE of wearing heels or not (unless you do this well into old age, in which case it does become more complicated). It is simply a question of whether you are willing to go through several days, maybe a couple of weeks of discomfort re-adapting.

FellipeC said...

I have a niece that since her 12 years wears 4" heels and some higher platforms, becase she is short. Now she is about her 30, and she cant walk barefoot without feeling a great pain.
Perhaps she can train herself for flats, but after so many years only in heels, I think she don't will revert to flats.
Very nice to see her walking in tiptoes when she don't wear heels.

Smithvuzd said...

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