Sunday, March 19, 2006

the 1:1 ratio

seems that the small dolls just aren't doing it any more for the hard core collectors out there in japan. a big thank you too Rina Katase wrote in with a couple of links of places doing life sized, one to one ratio dolls. they aren't naturalistic but more of anime like.

so why not just get a mannequin instead? or maybe get a mannequin and put on a new head or mask which you could wear as well. no mention if they were doll like in the 'frount bottom' as some people call it.

check them out here and here


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Bradley said...

One thing I have to say:

that first picture was swoony. I would SO get into it if real women started sporting that "hair as single molded chunk of plastic" look. I know, I am such a dork that way, *lol*. But it is just so shiny and stylized... :D