Friday, March 03, 2006

A month of daily latex wearing.....

it may not seem a major accomplishment to some, but i'm now on the last day of four weeks - a full month - in latex panties.

when i first started this i had read the various accounts of long term latex wear including the one by the latex lady who wears it 23/7 with the assistance of her own maid. these inspired me to give in to my latex fetish and have a go and see how far it leads me.

a great deal of support and encouragement came from tsg and i thank her profusely for it.

i still can't seem to wear it to sleep in, but i'm slowly adding more to my wardrobe. sunday is now my latex catsuit day and i'll wear it from waking till bedtime. i hope sometime soon i can sleep in it which let me extend my periods in it to 23/7.

someday i'll be as comfortable and complete in a full coverage latex catsuit as i am in my plan every day clothes. i'll then be able to wear a catsuit hidden beneath my clothes and don a hood a gloves when in private and i'll truely be a latex doll.

sadly that day is not there yet, but the first permenant step has been taken and i think i'm well on my way to surrendering to the latex doll i want to be.



userjesse said...

Wishing you all the luck and encouragement I can!!
I'm sure you will soon be able to have more and more latex coverage for longer periods, keep working on it! =)

Anonymous said...

hi, were you talking about this blog?

i hope yuou make it, i think it could be an amazing experiece.
the further i've gone so far was 2 full days (over one bored weekend) and it was a really weird, but amazing feeling

keep us posted please.

Asudem Latex said...

yes, thats it.

how did you manage the two days cover. i still can't get past about 2am and my work day is upset from lack of deep sleep


jannie said...

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