Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Playing with rubber bands...

UserJesse found a link on flicker of a japanese girl playing with rubber bands. here

there's several in the sequence so click through them and she tries them on her legs too. its a technique thats been suggested in early comments.

guess rubber bands is the best way to become a doll quickly but they do hurt and leave a mark if you leave them on for too long. but then maybe thats the point for some people?



Bradley said...

Rubber Bands? Hmm...trick with those is that they only really work on girls (no arm or leg hair). That and you really must pay attention to how tight they are: too loose and they roll around and hurt, too tight and they pinch up and hurt. Too fussy and too much of a Goldilocks-it-has-to-be-Just-Right thing for me.

Of course there is another cheap solution: Magic Marker. Catch is, you either have to be sure that you have enough long sleeves and long dresses/trousers that you *can* hide the joints when the need arises, or, search around for the *rare* non-permanent washable kinds and just *wash off* religiously. Either way, with that if you don't make sure the marks are dry, you will need to wash it out of clothes, ugh.

Has anyone ever tried this in *henna*, that India-style temporary tattooing? That might seem to work out the best if you get ink colors compatible with your flesh tone. ;)

sick puppy said...

I think rubber bands can be quite bad for circulation.
Henna is an idea. I've heard it can last up to two weeks.

h0les said...

You might want to look here, which is where her inspiration came from.