Friday, March 24, 2006

Molded rubber bodies

seems the idea is still out there. Yves Saint Laurent did it a few years ago. wonder how well it sold and if there any on ebay?

you think he'd of opted for bigger breasts?



TSG said...

Bigger breasts? On a runway model?

Ah, hahaha!

FetishTom said...

Interesting related thing I stumbled onto yesterday: use plastic wrap and packaging tape to make a form of yourself:

I'm guessing that you could cover the completed peice (there is a section of the guide for doing a torso) with a few layers of liquid latex and get something like what you're wanting.

It might be more helpful to fill the form with plaster, take the plastic wrap off, sand it smooth, then heat it up and apply liquid latex to it. If you go that far, I'm pretty sure you can get something on par with this after a few tries.

FetishTom said...

More direct link:

BTW, if you're using Firefox, get the Linkification extension, as it makes URL text into links, so you don't have to figure out how to copy and paste the above URLs (and other URLs littered about Doll's Realm)

TSG said...

Or you could do the Instructables link like this.

TSG said...

And how to make a plastic clone.

TSG said...

Or you could get the WHOLE Instructables link and do it right.

Onij said...

Bigger boobs indeed, I had an idea like this, except do celeberity body molds and face mods.
In a nutshell, if you want a body like britney spears ( before getting knocked up) then you can have it with, along with her face.

blackice said...

If you look on ebay you can find life masks made of various celebrities. I believe they're used to make heads for makeup.


Bradley said...

And as for getting that celebrity body, what is there to duplicate, besides flesh tone and bodily shape? ;) The flesh tone is a matter of mixing the right dye lots and degree of shine into the latex (and be honest, if we err on the side of dolly un-realism, is anyone going to complain, *lol*?).

And the body shape? A matter of tweaking the body of the model to be molded while wrapping. :D I have some slight experience in this regard as regards wrapping in plastic wraps, and it occurs to me with the right heavy duty stretchy plastic wrap and *stretchy tape* (both available now at my local big-box megastore, *lol*) that wrapping a model up in a way that creates both a good mold for the desired dolly (the Britney Doll, as mentioned) *and a good fit* for the model wearing the mold is both doable and *pretty cheap really* if you have the skills. :)