Monday, March 27, 2006

A first hand success story with hypnosis

Andre aka blaseyblas aka OneEyedJack aka Owner_Operator was kind enough to email me with his experiences with his girlfriend / latex doll to be. some of this is from the dollcollective but i've been given the aok to repost it all here.

after an initial bad experience with using virtual hypnotist on the pc - which didn't take or work at all he had some feedback from members at the collective and had another go:

"So the doll and I gave hypnosis another go last night with amazing
results I might add. It was a whole new ballgame this time, completely
exceeding my expectations and a wonderful enjoyable experience for us

This time I bypassed using the VH application and did it the old
fashioned way as I said I would in my previous post. I lit some
candles, laid her back on the couch without an exterior stimulation
(bondage garments, music, video), had her close her eyes and just read
the script, slowly and steadily with almost perfect execution - aside
from a momentary interruption from the dog.

The script that I used was the Brad's Bambi2 script, heavily edited to
make it more personal to my doll. Some major points that I changed:
Replacing the words "plastic," with "rubber" and/or "latex." Since we
are latex fetishist, it has a much more powerful connection for us. I
also edited out the orgasm sequence for the following reason. My doll
has had a history of problems acheiving orgasm, and I didn't want her
to feel pressured to have to cum. At least not this time, when I felt
that it was more important to see if the transformation would work at
all. It was essential to make her as comfortable as possible. I also
edited out the viral sequence, as that part is really of no use for our
purposes. The emphasis was on the transformation and command and
it was incredibly effective.

Upon decent into "the bed" (our "bed" is made entirely of latex), she
was immediately under the spell and took to the trance like a fish
takes to water. As the transformation took hold, I could tell that she
was so incredibly arroused, as she writhed on the sofa, touching her
new rubber skin and moaning gently. The commands I gave her, "to blink
like a doll," over and over, to smile like a dolly and eventually
repeat the key dolly phrases, took hold perfectly. I can't tell you
how hot it got me to see her repeating those silly dolly phrases, in
that cute little voice, over and over. She WAS exactly how I wanted
her to be, my silly, empty headed dolly toy. She enjoyed it so much
(she confirmed this afterwards), that when it became time to "put the
doll away," she was visably disappointed!

The awakening brought her back gently and surely and she was herself
again. Wonderfully happy and calm, yet still needing release, which I
was happy to oblige her with. As a treat, I took out her favorite
vibrator and used it on her. It was really amazing how wet she was.
This without ever laying a finger on her. Her asshole was so
incredibly relaxed (which it normally isn't) that I was easily able to
penetrate it with her favorite glass dildo, which along with the
vibrator brought her to a powerful orgasm at my command - something
else which she was never able to do, cum on command.

It was really quite a memorable experience for both of us and we
eagerly look forward to our next session. I have already modified the
script to include more sexual elements as well as suggestions that
link the transformation to her latex wardrobe, in hopes that she will
connect the wearing of the lovely garments with the transformation to
Dolly. Hopefully, we will get to try it tonight. Because now that
we've established the effectiveness of the hypnotic spell, it's time
to what we really can do with Dolly. >:-)

VH doesn't work nearly as well as the sounds of my voice for my
dolly. I think it has a lot to do with my already being an
authoritative figure to her, one that she knows and trusts and is
used to taking commands from. She complained of the same problems as
you mentioned after our first session - the discomfort from sitting
upright in a chair, in front of the computer and she claimed that it
was much easier to visualize with her eyes closed, as opposed to
staring at the visuals onscreen. That's why we tried this session by
candle light (I read the script off of a laptop computer) with her
lying down comfortably, eyes closed and completely naked.

One idea that you can try as opposed to listening to that stilted VM
voice, is to record your own voice reading the script of your
choosing. You might find this soothing and much more effective.

As for sharing the script, I am not sure if I can do that. It is
very personal to us, and I am not sure if I am comfortable with the
idea of sharing it at the moment. The last thing I want is for it to
get all over the various Hypno-sites and up on hundreds of
computers - especially if it is sold, as I know some sites do. That
would cheapen it, and I feel make it lose power in my eyes. I don't
know, call me superstitious. I will think about it though...

The customized script is actually a combination of the Dollie
Suggestion Loop, the Bambi2 script, Default Deepener, mixed with
the Dollie Wakener. All of these different scripts are combined and
edited to make it more personal to us, more along the lines of
things that I would normally say, phrases I often use while we are
in "Dom and sub mode," for lack of a better term.

I replace "plastic" with "rubber" or "latex," talk about her "dolly
holes," what I often call her mouth and genitals, and soothe her
with personal words and phrases that that comfort her. The first
script I used is heavy on commands, and heavy on induction and
pounding the triggers into her dolly mind. Now that I have seen that
she is very susceptable to trance and can become dolly fairly
easily, the next script will be lighter on commands and much heavier
on association with external elements and sexual elements to
increase the levels of arousal. It should be fun. If she gets home
early enough from work tonight, I plan on giving it a go! I'll
report back with my findings.

he added by email:

"That was the first successful completed session. We have tried it again a few times since, each time it seems the transformation has taken hold even greater. More recently, I refrained from bring her out of the trance for a while and used her in doll mode for the rest of the evening. We are now at the point that when I say her trigger phrase during one of our play sessions, she snaps into dolly mode and speaks and acts like a silly dolly girl!

I plan on a number of heavy hypno sessions in this coming week to prepare her for next Sunday's Bizarre Rubber party (  - scroll down to monthly events).

With a little work I want to get the doll trigger to work on her upon putting on her catsuit, hood, etc... She will be programmed to be in doll mode for the entire evening dressed in total latex enclosure dolly gear and be put display for all to enjoy. Should be fun!"


"The transformation takes hold well with her I feel, because it is something that is not completely alien to her. Even before we tried hypnosis, she would roleplay being the doll as well as other things (we're fond of animal roleplay as well). From the moment I met her, I found her to be very doll like in look and behavior, my "stepford wife" I joke.

She's very submissive and generally agreeable and with her hourglass like figure and big smile, she really makes the perfect doll. As we got more and more into latex fashion together, the doll thing just took hold. Now with the hypnosis it seems very easy for her to slip into the state of mind and I'm sure the more we do it, the easier it will be. Really it was by the second session that the trigger words seemed to have imprinted itself in her mind. In the right mood and without outside distractions, it will stick for as long as I'd like it to.

Of course real life gets in the way and we both have a lot of stress going on at the moment, so we often lack the proper time to get into things the way we'd like and we're both easily distracted. However it is a great stress reliever for the both of us and she says that the trance state serves as a meditation of sorts for her and makes her feel very peaceful - oh, that's another thing that has helped our sessions - she has a lot of experience with meditation and yoga, so her mind is very much used to the feeling of the trance state. She excepts it quite readily and with minimal resistance.

As for triggering the doll-state with contact with the latex garments. I am trying to keep it to the catsuit and the hood, but the hood really in particular, since the change of facial appearance to that of a latex doll probably has the most powerful effect on the psyche I would think. The transparent faced hood in particular, since this doesn't completely conceal her doll-like face, but rubberizes it beautifully."



Oneeyedjack said...

Funny... The past two times we have tried hypnosis, dolly fell asleep. Do you think her subconscious picked up the reading anyway?

Cool thing about her falling asleep during our session last night was that she was wearing her dolly-hood. I left her alone to see how long she would sleep while wearing it, but she awoke shortly after I finished reading my script.

So adorable to see her plastic face, peacefully snoozing away...

Bradley said...

" I left her alone to see how long she would sleep while wearing it, but she awoke shortly after I finished reading my script."

Hmm, oneeyedjack, this seems to show me that your lady dolly was actually under, if a bit too deeply to respond to things.

What I'd do in the future is come up with a "still there" test, like having her raise an arm or something...since you are doing live face-to-face sessions it should be no problem to double check and see if it is really sleep (she won't raise her arm if it is) or just deep-trance (to the point of not being able to speak or think much, but still there listening).

Either way I do admire you success and hope it continues and gets better and better.

pyewacket said...

not on topic but i just had to show and tell 'Kuniko', (known no doupt by many but new to me!)

I love her/his/its very cute and Jnpese...
Q6: Who is inside the mask? Your owner or your master?
A6: There is no person inside me. I'm a doll.
Q7: But are you alive?
A7: Yes.
Q8: Don't you need to eat or dring something?
A8: No. Because I'm a doll.
Q9: Please tell me the longest period to become a doll.
A9: I'm originally a doll and not becoming a doll. Non-sense question.

rina katase said...

Actually Kuniko might be a little tired from daily works. :( She's very busy.

Oneeyedjack said...

Thanks for the tip Bradley. We both work A LOT and after a long day a hypno-dolly session does wonders to relax us both. Perhaps you are right about her going under a little too deeply, however in my script I had a repeat a phrase. She didn't response at all. Don't know if she was too pooped to doll or too dolled up! :)

Thanks for the kind words. While it's difficult to find the time in our busy schedules, we will continue the dollification process when we can and hope for the best.


pyewacket said...

Im not sure where to post this idea ,its off topic but..
A few months ago i got to try out an old 'muscel stimulation device'.with the use of mild electrical currents and a baby computer one can manipulate ones arm(or any other Bp)in a very robotic and doll like way. I highly recomend some explorations into this area for advanced dollification thrills. i can ramble more if anyone is interested.

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