Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Life immitating art of vise versa?

more images of an allen jones table and stand made from mannequins.

as you can see the art has inspired some play... or was it the other away around?



Bradley said...

I think it was sort of a chicken and egg thing, they both came about, the play and the mannequins, at roughly the same time, about mid-2000 once word got out on Yahoo and in a few other online places at least that folks *were* playing with mannequins and also having subs do "living furniture" roleplay (becoming objects other than dolls or pets).

Since then it's rather grown into its own thing, including subcategories such as human mattresses, human chairs and tables, footstooling, and so on. ;)

Ah, it does take all kinds, doesn't it? :)

Gntlmmastr said...

And of course, there is Gord, who specializes in turning women into furniture.

blackice said...

Hi - actually these all date back to the 1960's so predate Gords interesting website.

If you look at some of his print work you'll notice he's directly lifted images off of Stanton and Willie so those guys were possibly the earliest I can think of.