Friday, March 03, 2006

The Stanton Doll Comic..... WOW!!!

many thanks to juliensorel61 for sending me the complete 7 pannel comic. pretty well a fantasy of mine illustrated!!!

he explained:

"This comic seems to have been started by John Willie and finished by Eric Stanton - you can see the style change after the first four panels."

i've cleaned them up and posting just one due to their size. i've made a zip file which is about 2MB which i can forward from my yahoo account if anyone wants to see the rest of them. the file is now safely in my yahoo account so can email out anytime now.



SteveMND said...

Wow, the Stanton Doll comic. I remember I used to have a copy of that, way back when. Very interesting item! I'd love to have a copy of it again, but I'm not sure how I would go about emailing you about it, as your profile only seems to have a Yahoo IM contact...?

Steve MND
stevemnd (at) yahoo (dot) com

lord_infernis said...

hi i love the stanton doll comic series.. i would love the full copy so please email to me : thanks and i really enjoy your blogs.. very lovely indeed..some of your previous posts i miss most are like the one where the girl is transormed and her teddy bear snuggles to her..

John said...

please email!

Anonymous said...

Please email full comic to