Friday, March 31, 2006

results for poll no 2....

well not really as people can still keep on voting, but at least after a week these are what people said.

of 100 votes in total, almost third wanted to be sealed into a doll forever, a fith just liked the occasional doll play and then the rest averaged out at about 9% each for the other categories.

curiously there was very little wearing of dolly clothes to fetish clubs or unsurpringly too work.

another one if a few days, but please please vote if youv'e not done so already



Edo said...

Some of the girls who work in the fashion boutiques in Harajuku and Shibuya are prone to wearing EGL or Burriko fashions at work.

Of course being that they work in fashion they have more leeway than someone who is in a mundane 9-5 job.

Bradley said...

Hmmm, Burrikko....**hhhgggnnn** :D

(ends Homer Simpson moment)

For those not in the know, "burrikko" is one of the big ancestral fashions leading directly into that Elegant Gothic Lolita look in Japan....

And while it is relatively rare these days (it is kind of old-school and easier to mimic Malice Mizer getups I guess, *lol*), the look is hella cute:

Think human *ragdoll* here folks. Raggedy Ann yarn-like hair, the pale makeup with the stylized lips, dots on the cheeks and eyes, maybe even that triangle bit on the nose....and big poofy dresses, silly and little-girlish by EGL standards even, with stripey tights on top and bottom (covering arms and legs).

Oh, and that spacey, "pretty and vacant" look that just says, "la-la-laaaaa....i'm soooo happy and gone right now, *gigglesqueak*"

But yeah, that look is old-school in Japan, kinda rare these days. So good luck seeing it happen here in the States on a serious basis. Much to *my* dismay, I wouldn't *mind* having a Burrikko girlfriend so long as she didn't mind being around *me* (tall order I know, *lol*). :D

Hevea said...

How can enter the poll section?

Edo said...

Burrikko were not exactly as Brad described they were fluffy and cute and the ancestors of EGL but, there's more to it than that.

History lesson time-read about Seiko Matsuda (think of a watch and a rotary engined car when you say her name) She was syrupy sweet, cute ruffles and lace dated the New Kids on the Block which resulted in her daughter Sayaka.

Another well known buri chan was Tomoe Shinohara she was also a good comedian.

Bottton line the Burriko were more an attitude than a fashion statement, sure there were bright pastel coloured dresses in little girl style fashions, ruffled aprons, syrupy sweet doll like voices that could give you instant diabetes, a complete repotoire of jerky dolllike poses and actions and a huge cult of males that worshipped these girls and got the obligatory nosebleed when they saw Seiko's or Akina's or Shinohara's picture on the news...

But, it couldn't last–there was a generation of dark children–the ELG waiting in the wings.