Saturday, March 04, 2006

Another look at Deviant Art...

and boy that was a mistake. type in doll in the search and get 65,512 results!!

one i liked was by an illustrator and photographer from the UK:

meanwhile some more searchers and mannequins only had 692 results and barbies had a heathy 5,599 results but from the first few pages of viewing they seemed to be pretty bad compared to the other catergories.



pyewacket said...

ive noticed a new artistic craze sweeping the world. Doll inspired most definatly.(maybe sprouting from the ideas of the famous animator jan svankmejer)chek out the site of a Grl i met on Myspace
not really the 'sexy' style dolls (& dress ups) I like, but intersting nevertheless.

Bradley said...

I think the problem with people taking too much inspiration from the "sexy" plastic fashion dolls is that for a couple of decades now academic feminism has made their bread and butter out of "talking back to Barbie", meaning dissing the doll, talking about how it is the cause of anorexia in young girls, how the doll is such a terrible role model, blahblahblah....8-|

Look, if any other doll were scrutinzed and anally probed as heavily as Mattel's Blonde Plastic Icon, Raggedy Ann would be condemned for encouraging laziness, pull-string baby dolls would be dissed for encouraging turn taking in conversation (which has just "got to be a male-patriarchical construct, oh no, manners has nothing to do with it!"), puppets would meet with scorn for well, being puppets and wind-up dolls would be dissed for encouraging folks to be Luddite and technophobic...*lol* Really folks, sometimes a doll is just that, merely a pretty toy to play with and a happy smiling face, like you'd *want* to see on a friend.

Sorry about the rant there, but I really do tire sometimes of the uptight semi-victorian American attitudes towards dolls, I do. And don't get me started on how idiotic my countrymen can be on other issues, like oh, *sex* for example, *lol*. :)

But yes, I've been seeing the artistic trend seems to be inspired in part by the rising popularity of anime in the USA (along with it's fanbase cousin, costume play, a.k.a. cosplay), and in part by the rise of Gothic subcultures in America as well (if you have Usenet or NetNews access, check out alt.gothic or per usual with newsgroups the noise-to-signal ratio is atrocious even by Web standards, but...just how different is an American-style Perky-Goth from an Elegant Gothic Lolita anyway?).

Point is, the rise of the dolly lately seems to be coming from both the cultural side of things (it being anime, Japanese, and therefore "cool" or at least "futuristic") and the more romantic side of things (not just the Goth thing per se, but women wanting to feel pretty and girlish and friendly again, perhaps...).

Which means maybe it isn't a total flash in the pan this time. :)

Just my nickel.