Sunday, March 19, 2006

A guide to Akihabara... geek capital of japan

thanks Edo for this cool link in english of the geek capital of japan here. amazing shops that make will most people drool with toys & electronics galore and a fair number of living doll women.

for the tourist with alot of money to spend the sections include:

» Akihabara -- The Electronic Heart of Asia
» Things to See in Akihabara: Adult Stores
» Akihabara Book Stores
» Akihabara Figures & Figurines & Stuff
» Akihabara Gaming
» Akihabara Maid Cafes
» Akihabara Stores
» Akihabara Transport Museum
» Places to Eat: Akihabara Dining Challenge
» Excursions from Akihabara: Tsukuba Express
» Akihabara History

and its also the main centre of the cult tv series Densha Otoko aka 'train man'. already on wikipedia here. about a total geek who falls in love with a beautiful career woman and who turns to an internet message board for tips on how to interact and finally date her.



blackice said...

Never been to Japan but I did buy a set of Train Man on DVD off ebay with english subs. A great tv series, funny, silly, insightfull, tragic etc. Also a very unique view on the world of the geek out there.

If you look on ebay you will find sellers doing the complete series with the extra special and the OST too. But be warned the feature film that came out afterwords is mindnumbingly bad. Avoid that like the plague.


Edo said...

Have to agree, the series is great. The film is pure unko(4 letter word beginning with s)!

Some info about the series that may be interesting follows.

played one of the otaku, he gained fame and fortune by enduring on Denpa Shonen

Keiko Toda an immensely popular voice actress played Densha's Mother

GONZO took the concept of the Daikon Usagi from a video created by a budding group of otaku for DaiKon. This group of otaku evolved into Gainax, who we all know as the people responsible for Evangelion.

Luckily for us the cute little usagi is not going to die but will have her own anime series

Just, what is it about cosplay girls in bunny costumes? And what about dollers in bunny costumes? M.O.E.