Thursday, March 09, 2006

Mannequin corset - more info

i managed to track down the maker and yes he does do them in latex too, but sadly not as full body as i'd personally like.

he wrote;

"I also make corsets out of heavy rubber 2 mm thick industrial rubber, the biggest item I made out of the rubber was a dress. I can't make the total body corset out of the rubber, it is just to hard, the material is resisting to much.

I have a web site, but it is still 1/2 way ready, so a lot of pictures are not opening, the up site is that a lot are opening. :-)

info and larger pictures of non opening thumbnails can always be asked at

on the new website is going to be build. now it is only a front page with a link to my home page.

here is the place too look.

jeroen van der klis"



Bradley said...

Don't wish to ramble or offend or gush...but those are lovely corsets, one in a more dolly shade of white or pink would be swoony.

TSG said...

I would love to have one of those on my body--it would feel . . . incredible.

Anonymous said...

It is so impossible to find corsets with really fine crotch pieces like this.

VonLivid said...

I own a few of his corsets and they are amazing...

Anonymous said...

These one are beautiful: