Monday, March 20, 2006

How far into the doll would you like to go?

another pole to tease out what people want to do or at least fantasise about.

unlike with the last one its a single click only - so take your time before you hit that button as its set so you won't get a second chance.


How much of a doll would you like to be?
occasional doll costume play when i feel like it
some doll clothes at home when no ones around
wearing doll clothes to fetish or goth clubs
wearing doll like clothes or accesories to work
a relationship where i am made into a doll for occasional play
a relationship where i am in doll mode when not working
a relationship where i am a doll 24 / 7
hypnotised and conditioned to be a doll only
sealed in a latex or zentai suit and left as a doll forever
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Bradley said...

I'm voting on this, but keep in mind that as a Doll *Maker* I have my suspicions and all of others like me. :) So yeah, chances are I likely wouldn't even *be* a Living dolly (assuming I have the potential that is) unless I found that *one* lady love who I can *trust* not to hurt me in that state of mind. :)

So far, only one of my ladies, out of some nearly five years of work, has even come close in terms of my trusting her with my own inner living dolly. So yeah, while I vote on this, take it with a grain of salt as the likelihood of someone *online* being allowed to do this with me is slim to nil. (Esp. if that someone online *claims* to be a pro-domme, eeeYech!)

Oneeyedjack said...

Another "Doll Maker" here. I'm too much of a control freak to want to become a doll myself. Submission of any kind just never really appeals to me. Luckily I have a doll of my own (keep the faith Bradley, there is someone for everyone out there) that wants only to submit to my every whim.

I'd only really want her to be a doll in private - unfortunately we both have to work and earn a living. Even at that we enjoy roleplaying other transformations as well - particularly (but not limited to) animal roleplay. So she's a part-time doll, part-time rubberpiggy, part-time puppy and maybe even a pony one day when I can afford the gear.

Fetish is as limitless as the mind itself!

FetishTom said...

Looks like 'A relationship where i am made into a doll for occasional play' is pretty popular.

Any women looking for a guy for light/occasional doll play partner in the Kansas City area? Either one or both of us dressing up, being posed, etc. sounds fun.

Edo said...

Not a doller, a dollmaker. I've been lucky to find a GF who understands what I like and is a willing participant in any craziness I get up to.

And in most cases I'm up for any craziness she gets into. Luckily, being that we live in Japan there are many venues to exercise this in a healthy way.

Asudem Latex said...

well doll makers are different than those people i'm asking the survey of....

there will be another one sometime for the doll makers.


sick puppy said...

Curious that numbers for occasional play and doll forever are quite similar.

Onij said...

Mmmm Id love to have a doll to be with em forever

Bradley said...

"Occasional Dolls" For Hire anyone?

*lol* Yeah, I know, the legal hurdles are huge, but this really would seem like the *perfect* Part-Time-Joblike-Endeavor for Dollers? Particularly the ones who *don't* want to be doing it 22/7/363 and stuck that way until a Maker sees fit to give them a break?

I can just see it now, a small, discreet army of Sunday Girls (so to speak), being cute, semi-sexy lifesized *trained companion dolls* for those in need of such--not quite RealDolls come to life, and not quite Lifesized Yumel or Cindy Smart Dolls, but Someone, Somewhere in Between those two extremes of sensuality and innocence....

Nah, never happen. ;)