Friday, March 10, 2006

Gothic lolita fashions from Japan

i found a link to a webstore in japan which has a cool collection of gothic lolita fashions and is in english too. i'm getting more and more into them with two extremes - dark and witchy goth dolls and neon fluffy pink ones. guess thats two sides of me.

this site is unique as it has a map of the world and clickable links to pictures customers:

the customers are all dolls now

gotta love 'Xelyna the Austrarian Lolita-chan' as she looks exactly like a doll according to the site, and i agree totally. such lovely large eyes too.



blackice said...

I shoot at a major fetish club in London (UK) called The Torture Garden which has an average monthly attendence of about 1,200 people.

So far I've only spotted one oriental EGL and one western EGL. Actually meeting up and shooting her tonight so I'll point her to this blog and see if she's ok for some exposure from the shots I do.


WileCoyote said...

I'm always impressed at a goth girls ability to make so many good looking clothes in just black.

Bradley said...

"wilecoyote"...the thing is, what we in the Western nations would consider Gothic seems to strike the Japanese as being *too severe* and *too black*. So that is the kicker about Elegant Gothic Lolita fashions is that while black and the darker, richer colors are accounted for, the look itself is less severely about the Gothic thing and more of a prim, Living Porcelain Doll sort of thing.

In America in particular the local iteration of EGL bears looking into: The _Alice_ Dress. As in _Alice in Wonderland_. Essentially this is an EGL style of look that takes the basics from that character's dress (blue and white color palette, fluffy Victorian style) and adds more detailing (lace, ribbons, bows, petticoats, and then some) until it becomes a fully lavish Elegant Gothic creation. :)

blackice said...

I did several posed shots with her and sent them over to her along with a CD. Not heard back as yet and will send them in once I have an AOK from here.

But IMHO they look fab!


Bradley said...

BlackIce (a.k.a. Mark....)

Why yes, of course your photoset looks fab. ;P Why would it not be so? :)

I mean I thought I had told you I liked the photoset with the latest EGL dolly. :) So where did EDO later on get the idea that I didn't like it, just because I didn't gush and go off on tangents over it?

*ahem* I hope folks aren't trying to play pranks and such.... :p Nyeah.