Sunday, March 26, 2006

requim for a catsuit....

sad news, my catsuit zip has seperated from the latex. as its soo old and the latex is worn down they'll have a go at re-glueing it but it may not stick for very long. then its a write off. sob :-( it was one of my first major purchases after i got into latex with some molded items.

i maybe able to have it converted into a pair of tights, but at this point i'll need to start saving my pennies for something else to coat me. yesterday i spent a good part of it in my zentai suit. its really nice but not the same thing as being coated in slick, tight and shiny latex. image is murry + vern white catsuit and not the one i had - which was black.

must be about 2 months if not a bit more that i put on my latex panties daily for dawn to bed. but thats not enough, i must start wearing more and more for longer and longer.



Oneeyedjack said...

Might be possible to repair the catsuit since it is on the seam. Sounds like it just needs to be glued. My doll might be able to help you. If you would like more information drop me a line -

Don't try to change the catsuit into something else as once you start chopping it up, you'll compromise the entire suits structural integrity and the whole thing will just fall apart.

Onij said...

Yea try to glue the zipper back, but dont hack up the suit. The last part of your entry reminded me of my friend Latex Lady, shes wore latex everyday for a 13months, only got out to bath. Her experience ended recently but its still a very arousing blog.

Hevea said...

SOrry to hear that your favourite catsuit was torn. Well I think you can re-glue it back using latex glue which you can get from your local hardware shop.

- Hevea a latex man from latex producing country Malaysia.

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