Wednesday, March 01, 2006

More doll suit test shots...

some more test shots were sent in by uk photographer blackice. they are of a higher resolution than the one i posted much earlier and shows different views.

he explained;

"I had this idea of doing these really slick and glossy shots of the doll in various places and scenes shot in an arty way on medium format. Unfortunately my original model bailed on me so I then had to ask around the various performance people in Brighton if there was anyone up for doing it.

The suit is all encompasing and the latex is definately not for everyone. The shots I'm attaching are just me making sure the suit fits the model - the latex wasn't even polished. We were just hacking around in her flat to see what poses she could do and how she was with it.

As you will have noticed its missing eyes and lips along with any other features. I was playing with the idea of photoshoping them on using actual Barbie doll heads features, but also to get a series of different eyes/lips made up that could be applied like the old Stanton comic. Still need a reliable and skilled model to wear it and shoot it. My current model I do alot of work with is a size or two smaller than the suit would you believe and very doll like in her own gothy way."

so, if your interested in wearing the suit and modeling for his project them contact him via his website.



juliensorel61 said...

Do you know the Stanton comic that blackice is talking about? You'd probably enjoy it. - J.

rina katase said...

Mark Benette is my favoirite photographer. And the idea about Barbie doll heads is very good! :)

Asudem Latex said...

he did mention trying to pitch an article on the entire doll fetish subject to a major magazine but i've not heard back on how it went.

i might even get a mention :-)


Asudem Latex said...

juliensorel61 - can you email me the comic? i'll put it up. thanks


Anonymous said...

Hey, don't have a login here yet, but I just was looking at the Libidex website. The doll suit is for sale!!! Check it out. Comes out to about 800.00 american, unfortunately. Wish I had the money