Friday, March 03, 2006

Plastic molded shoes... just like Barbie

one thing i remember from my barbie owning days was all the plastic boots and shoes they had. when walking around the village window shoping i found the above shoes which are an adult equivilant to barbie's plastic ones.

sort of a designer variation of the jelly shoes, these are much more slick and come in a range of colours but apparently limited standard sizes at the shop otherwise i would of snaped up a pair.

and looking at the slide show here it seems like ankle length boots are the next step in his collection.

and here's all of them online in the "Love Robots" collection!!:

being a bit (well alot) of a material fetishist, i did really like the soft plastic vinyl they were made from and this gave me the idea, well maybe much longer boots - thigh length could be made.

or maybe even a full mannequin shape to be cast and the could be worn....



Bradley said...

I saw those shoes, and now, you have me wondering what a full-body suit, mask, etc., would feel like made of that stuff....gah. :)

Now I am going to have to unplug and chill out for a bit, you have me all goo-goo eyed and talking like a kewt widdle dolly poo, which wouldn't be sooo bad but it looks freaky having some chunky nearly 40-something fellow squeaking like a pwetty pull-string toy, **giggelsqueek**

Gah. 8-| If I weren't such a perv I'd be scared. *lol*

Asudem Latex said...

i've been obsessing over these shoes and boots for the last day now. i really need to get a pair. they also do the heel-less versions as well.


Bradley said...

I've been obessing on how the larger items of clothing would be put half-educated guess would be that at some point small, discreet zippers would have to be molded/glued in place so that you can wiggle a leg into a thigh-high boot, for example, then zip it up to get a proper tight fit. :)

Not to mention, how someone would move, if say a lady doller were encased in a full suit of that material, since the whole molded "Jelly shoe" material does seem to have a good deal less give to it than say PVC, I'd imagine the movements with a fairly tight and complete catsuit even would be really stiff, cute and dolly.....

**sighs** :D

Sweet dreams are made of if we can get folks to *not* disagree, *lol* without my having to travel the world, etc.

(it takes all kinds though I guess, everybody's looking for *something*, *LOL*)

Asudem Latex said...

after some emails back and forth to australia it seems the shoes are based on a south american type of plastic shoes. various designers have worked with the orginal company to make new designs.


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Lizy said...

Wow!Gorgeous looking shoes..Have to get one pair like these for Christmas..i dont have such design in my Nike shoes collection.

Mike09 said...

Can somebody give a link to the web site that sell those shoes?

Anonymous said...

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