Saturday, March 04, 2006

Hypnosis trial and a comment..

i just read a really good first hand experience on hypnosis session on the yahoo group dollcollective.

the post is from blaseyblas about a session with his partner. things didn't work terribly well and asked for some guidence and 'Bradley' who posts on the comments here almost religiously came back with a long and very detailed help.

its worth reading both with the reply to get a better understanding on how it all works. the thread starts here and is developing in an interesting manner with alot of too-ing and fro-ing.



Bradley said...

Hey there. :"> I am sorry if I obsess about the dolly thing a bit much at the Collective...and I know I go on and on. I didn't mean to be boring or anything. WinterRose also replied and had more to offer of relevance to those who use Virtual Hypnotist as well....but yeah, if I obsess too much, it's only because I care, you know?

I'd really rather see my fellow DollMakers do it well and succeed. Every success means more dollies for us all, every failure, means less. It is that simple, we do have a reputation to uphold of delivering the goods as advertised. :)

Oneeyedjack said...

Funny that you found my post Asudem
Latex, I was planning on sending you a comment regarding the doll experiments that we were conducting.

To continue Bradley's train of thought ...and with the help of you guys, Bradley and WinterRose, deliver the goods we shall! Thanks for your most helpful comments at The Doll Collective. Much of what you said in your reply reiforced a lot of what I was thinking after the session.

I have to say that it wasn't a total failure though. Just knowing that she is more than happy to go under the doll spell and can achieve a trance state with relatively little effort, is in itself a success. As one who is a skeptical sort of guy, that alone was a pretty great achievement in my opinion.

I am currently working on a customized script of my own that I'll read to her myself, without the use of VH and I have a pretty good feeling that we'll find the desired effect in no time. I'll leave the details over at The Doll Collective, as I find that to be a much more convenient forum for conversation. Stay plastic ya'll!

Asudem Latex said...

thanks Oneeyedjack, please keep me posted on your progress. i'm trying to make one myself now. more focussed on being the latex doll and adding elements and commands within it. more narrative leading than commanding.


Oneeyedjack said...

In keeping with our mutual fetish for latex, I too have mutated the doll from plastic into latex. I think this will go a long way towards making the transformation a more positive experience.

Asudem Latex said...

if you think its good enough to share with me, please do. i am very biased towards latex. in fact sunday is now my latex catsuit day from morning till bedtime.


Oneeyedjack said...

Do know that it is quite personalized with our own codified words and expressions. What works for one doll, might not necessarily work for another. I will see how it works with my doll and keep you posted. I hope to try it one night this week, but it is difficult to find the time with the rigors of the so called real world infringing on our dolly-time.

On another note, you might be interested in next months Baroness Fetish Retinue party at The Alphabet Lounge - 1st Sunday night of the month. The theme is 'bizarre rubber,' which we are looking forward to greatly. The crowd is pretty cool and a great mix of latex enthusiasts - straight, gay, trans, doms and subs - very accepting and very low key. Hopefully my dolly's HW-Design Doll hood will arrive in time for her to wear it to the party. Either way, we'll be there looking fabulously rubberized, and we always enjoy meeting new pervy people.

Anonymous said...

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