Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Shoe training...

its been ten days now since it was 'firmly' suggested that i should put on my 4 inch heeled black boots and leave them on... which i've done now. like my latex panties i still can't sleep in them which is really annoying but i'll suss it out oneday.

but an idea came to me that maybe something looser to keep my feet in a high arched shaped would work too and be less distracting for sleep, so onto ebay too look for strappy 5 inch and higher heels.

the boots are lovely and totally comfortable to the point i'm so adjusted to them they're not really noticable. but to go higher and higher.... i'll let you know how i get on.

i remember reading something about needing an extra size when going for 4 - 5" so a google later i found this cool site full of yummy shoes here but the photo's of Women Wearing High Heel Shoes on same site are pretty crapy.

and the photo above is from here but i'd rather by several pairs of new shoes than just a print.



TSG said...

Keep up the good work. It's only a matter of time before you're stuck in those boots, honey.

Kramel said...

perservere, it's the only way. And afterall, what is a latex outfit without a stonking pair of boots?

Bradley said...

Perosnally I think certain outfits work better with certain shoes and heels....for example it is rather hard to imagine a Bratz doll in anything *but* platform chunky heels, yes?

And likewise...latex outfits, be they catsuits or hobble skirts...they are all just so much *cuter* with a pair of spiky, high-heeled clicky shoes that keep you stiffly and tightly on high-tippy-toesies, right?

Or is that just me? ;)

TSG said...

for example it is rather hard to imagine a Bratz doll in anything *but* platform chunky heels, yes?

Oh, but they love all sorts of diffrent footwear; platforms, heeled pumps, and lets not forget boots. They are just wonderful in all kinds of shoes. Take my word for it. ^_^