Thursday, March 09, 2006

Latex buying for basics...

molded rubber is a good starting point for those new to this wonderful sensual, kinky and addictive material. its cheap if sourced properly and will get you a basic mix and match outfit.

one place i keep going back too (well twice now) is in the uk called which also wholesales.

now their photographs are admittedly pretty cheap but so are the prices. my recommendations are:

- panties/briefs - short or high waisted ones
- gloves - from ellbow to shoulder length!!!! yeah!!
- skirts - not the best cut but good to have. pay the extra for the heavyweight if you plan to wear out at all.
- dresses - a bit hit and miss there. depends if you fit into their shape.
- stockings - again somewhat varrible. shapes not the best and they can sometimes be way to heavy and the top can cut into your thighs. good to try but see if they will make them thinner for you.

- trousers - just recieved them after ordering them last week. fit is bad and i bet the crotch will rip sooner than later
- colour red and clear - both are pretty tacky. unless you like that or course.
- short skirts - just too short. might as well just wear the panties out over a pair of good tights.




Bradley said...

Brief comment (sorry) as I have owned molded latex goods courtesy of some gifts from friends.

Be careful when it comes time to put the stuff on as you may need more powder to lubricate, and a light touch to not scratch or damage the material...and be extra careful how you clean up afterward, the stuff seems to get sticky a bit quickly relative to more finished latex if left damp any length of time (damp, not wet, mind).

Oh, and it really does take *extra* powder and some muscle if your items (ahem, *stockings* Mark?) are extra thick and not generally molded to a good shape.

Just my three cents, will stop now.

sick puppy said...

Where can you buy latex stockings that are not uncomfortable? Dressing in latex it's an enticing idea, but clothes that can be bad for your circulatory sistem are not (I'm concerned about this subject, as circulatory problems are frequent in my family)

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