Thursday, March 30, 2006

I always like compliments....

why not instead of im'ing or emailing them, just post them in the comments in this entry here? ;-)

i know a seperate module is possible for that, but as i've not figured it out its best to do it this way.

pretty please?



userjesse said...

Always love your site sweets, its a daily visit for me!

I hope your latex pantie and high heel quests are going well =)
Keep wearing them!
I hope you oneday become a real dolly!!

Bradley said...

Aww, Dolly wants me to gush?? ;)

But seriously, this is without a doubt the single *best* dolling site I have seen come up in the past two, three years?

And coming from someone as hooked on dolling as *I* am, that is saying something. Doll's Realm is one of my top three daily visits on the internet, just because the weblog has the style, resources and *eye candy* I *wish* I could deliver on a more than infrequent basis.

You and your site are the Bee's Knees Asudem (trust me, this is a *good* thing, *lol*), and I daresay your site is the best dolling site I have seen since the late, great Dolliseum (which was great until a server crash crippled the site for over a year).

(and of course it goes without saying that the Dolliseum, a homebrew Kigurumi site, was great more for its combination of eye candy and dadaist humor than anything else...)

But yeah, seriously, all gushing and rambling are one of the most positive things to happen to me this winter Asudem.

Keep up the most EXCELLENT work!

Hevea said...

You know something, everyday when I want to know something, ie news about latex and kinky stuff I use your blog as my refference. your blog really helps... Thank you.

pyewacket said...

we thought you were gone for a moment there!your log is like a DOLL mother.*