Monday, March 06, 2006

Displayed in a tube...

the classic doll packaging is a clear plastic tube and this idea was also used alot in old B 50's sci-fi films. this island earth was one in particular plus all those episodes of the invaders.

something about being a freshly minted doll in these containers always appealed too me. and then i remember a fancy club i was at in nyc several years ago where they had 'art' scattered around - and the art in question was mannequins in hard core designer leather fetish gear just posed there for all to admire.

i so wished to swap places with them and i finally found a shot of one to share with you all.



Oneeyedjack said...

Very cool outfit. Looks like Demask. I wonder what bar that was in. Perhaps Korova Milk Bar, on Avenue A?

I dream of one day building a customized, glass 'display case' to keep my doll in when she's not in use.

Bradley said...

Display cases are cool. :) What I was also thinking when I saw the pic is, what if someone made a specialized "display suit" for their living doll...?

It would be a bit involved, perhaps too much so for regular play, but it would be designed so that the dolly wearing the display suit could be "tweaked" on the fly, say by a "remote control". ;)

Of course some of the posing would have to be done post hypnotically, but I am also thinking, I have seen a few Yahoo profiles lately of "dolls" into rubber-female-masking who also seem into the whole inflatable breast thing....

and I also know early versions of the pink doll suit BlackIce UK showed around and that are displayed here a ways back, early versions of that also had an inflatable breast component.

And that certain other things, say related to a dolly's level of stimulation under the suit could be controlled remotely as well to a degree (though radio-controlled vibrators are a rarity, I understand....something about electronics and moist environments not getting along).

Just my plug nickel (pun intended).