Wednesday, March 22, 2006

the rubber clown specialist...

i really had not interest in clowns before i read some fiction by rubberbando on a transformation yahoo group.

actually i have always thought they were scarey and pretty ugly. but his writing has flare and imagination with lots of transformations that got me going. he also crosses over into zentai suit transformations and rather yummy apsects of being converted into balloon people.

my favourite being here. thats one way to become all latex and reminds me when i was much much younger and my first experience with latex was getting balloons onto both my hands and my feet. i dreamed of the day when i could have the wonderfull material actualy envelope me totally.

the main page is here and also has some of his composits and photoshop works. sexy women trapped in latex clown costumes and having their skin turn to white latex.... oh yes please!!


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