Saturday, March 18, 2006

Results so far....

i started this blog back in fall last year. it was sort of a notebook or a scrapbook of stuff i found on the net and wanted to share. sometimes i'd add my comments and thoughts on things, sometimes my very personal desires too.

for the longest time - well untill last month or so - i had no idea if anyone was actually reading it. then braving my fear of html coding and totally messing things up i installed a counter.

as of this morning its hit a staggering 23,050 hits!!! and thats not counting what it was up till then.

so i had another delve into adding bits to the blog and found a survey which has been up for a week so far here

i'm really not surprised that people just come for the eye candy, but a lack of interest in egl and fashion was a shock. people do seem to like latex alot as a fetish and would love to have their own living doll which is interesting as thirty one wanted to become one and eighteen are actively trying something.

of course i did vote myself too. ;-)

a new one will be up later today or tommorrow.



Oneeyedjack said...

The poll needs a little tweeking. Perhaps a way to vote on multiple fields. I think someone mentioned this already, but I'll second that. For instance, I have a fierce latex and doll fetish, I love the fashion, love to check out pictures and practice BDSM and hypnosis, in order to make my partner more and more doll-like.
I'd select just about all of the above (except becoming a doll - I'm the doll maker).

Just a thought. Cheers!

Asudem Latex said...

yes, you can vote in multiple fields already....

i certianly did. ;-)


Bradley said...

I got to vote on multiple fields too....but I understand some browsers get anal too about that sort of thing.

As for the EGL and fashion getting so few votes, two things come to mind:

--Elegant Gothic Lolita, while a swoony look, is rare and expensive to find on the North American continent. Last I heard, there was only *one* store on the North American continent--in Vancouver in Canada--where you could see EGL up close and personal, try it on before buying, and actually *buy* the stuff without having to pay shipping from halfway across thw world (same issue comes up with kigurumi masking, the demand is there among costume players but the cost of going direct to Japanese mail-order is a HUGE barrier).

--America itself has a pair of barriers built in as regards the English the *word* Lolita has so much *literary* garbage built into it that it isn't funny anymore, and *NONE* of that negative connotation exists in Japan as regards EGL, they just like the way "lolita" sounds, it strikes their fancy as a *cute word*, nothing more...

Combine that with a fashion statement that is basically "frilly fussy little girly clothes for grown women," and you can see where even the dollers and cosplayers take one look at the style, get swoony, sigh and then say, "nope, not touching it, too many folks might take it *entirely* the wrong way, on purpose even."

And yes, a lot of other haute couture that might well be mainstream in Europe for all I know, ended up going belly-up in the states for the same reasons: puffball skirts, corseting as high-fashion, wearing exotic materials in mundane ways (that whole latex catsuit as undergarment base), and so on....

And as for mainstream of your other posts of today sums it up well Asudem: the whole notion that High Fashion is Performance Art and that Real People (or shall I be clearer on it and say "Real Women") Don't Wear Those know, the whole, "those skinny anorectic Barbie wannabes, how dare they try to modify *my* wardrobe, my *real-person-my-body-my-smells* wardrobe...??" argument.

Yeah, I don't get it either, but there is a stubborn mean streak to feminism and *any* sense of being a "pretty object", even in a deliberate or non-sexual sense, can come under fire from said mean streak. :)

But hey, I could be wrong, maybe the poll numbers would be different if the poll itself stays active longer....;)

Or something.

Asudem Latex said...

the pole is still going. it doesn't time out from what i can gather. so check the results in a few weeks.

there will be other poles at other times. so don't feel obligated to answer it if it doesn't fit your particular kink.