Friday, March 10, 2006

Leather dolls, corsets and boots...

i'm not going to go into what a dollfie doll is, short it's a type of japanese doll - go google it.

but if you have one and want to dress it up then have a look at whats available at 'Moggies Toyshop' and the posed shots in the The Rogues Gallery.

the rogues gallery of very kinky leather dolls

if were a dollfie doll i'd want to shop there. ;-)



TSG said...

Kawaii! There's a story to be had in these little girls. And in case anyone is looking to buy one, look here.

Asudem Latex said...

thanks!!! makes barbie look postively like some mass produced communist doll. total modular customisation and some with huge breasts and nipples too.


Bradley said...

Actually, when I was shopping at Target last night I spotted some Dollfie-looking dolls called "Girls Just Like Me" or something....and while they were no where near as customizable as a Japanese dollfie doll, the concept of doll-as-blank-canvas was definitely present and accounted for, as the personality of the dolls was all in the wardrobes and faces, and some of these dolls were shaped very differently and quite poseable....good stuff. :)

Edo said...


You are evil! My very twisted Chinese GF is going crazy after she saw those dolls. I'm going to have to spend more money or she'll make life miserable for me again. I'm going to have to keep her away from your site.

Asudem Latex said...

Edo- sorry to hear that, but can't you tell her that it would be much more fun for her to be the doll? ;-)

Also do you read japanese as i've been sent some links and some synopsis of whats on them would be good. Email me.


Edo said...

Mei is already a recipient of a modified script of Brad's. I had it translated into Chinese but, as the language is ambigious there are some glitches.

Where the links from me, Mark or Brad? I've IM'd you once already with some info from Mark.