Friday, March 10, 2006

Curse of the Were-Barbie.....

some people can feel it - the full moon coming, its a time of magic and transformation.

i can feel it - can you? witches used it for their rituals and incantations. its a time power

we're mainly water and if the pull of the moon can shift the oceans, why not effect us?

so my humble experiment, one that is a follow on, or in addition too the one about thinking of me into being latex is to do the same and more so especially on the night of the full moon. i'll make sure i'm in as much latex as i have in hope to resonate and maybe even summon barbie herself.

the moon calander

i'd be very happy to be a were-barbie, all latex for two days or every month.



Bradley said...

My apologies for breaking my voluntary-read-only-mode silence, but there is one *big* thing you need to know about this stuff.

You need to know what moon you were born under, and try attuning your changes to *that moon*, roughly, rather than just aim for the full moon generically. The reasons for this aren't always clear, but from the perspective of someone born under a *new moon* who gets some *negative* side effects on the night of the full moon, this is a pretty big distinction. I really should have tried keeping my stuff *in synch* with my own new-moon vibe in other words.

Otherwise, I'd say go for it, this is an almost perfect month to do so: check your calendars, as we have both a lunar and a *total* solar eclipse this month, so the *bandwidth* for mentally focusing our will and changes upon Asudem should be fairly large for a fairly long time in my humble experiences. :)

Sorry to go on, but if we are to do this, it bears doing it right. ;)

blackice said...

As I noticed you liked 'What the Bleep' check out a book called 'The Feild'. It deals with cohesion of random number generators in groups of peoples and also during full moons and sacred sites.

Personally think there's something too it all if you can tap into it.