Monday, March 06, 2006

To be a mannequin...

seems the best way to do it is have a perfectly crafted mask that looks like other mannequins.

i haven't a clue where these were taken or what store. they might have been from james mannequin site based out of toronto, canada.

but finding these again on my backups gave me an idea. maybe someone should make my scene barbie heads or even bratz's.... if nothing else it would make a great halloween costume. although i imagine some of us would want to wear them more than once a year....



userjesse said...

These are great pics, and a great idea!
Reminds me of the picture you have of the model wearing her own torso plastic mold, painted and everything.

Bradley said...

You might wish to do a web search for "maquette" or "lifesized replica" doll makers, as some of them *do* make both life-sized Bratz and Barbie dolls, scaled up, as well as masks based on the doll's heads with doll proportions as intact as the materials allow.

Personally, if I were to go for a doll's mask I would likely go for a Bratz head first as you can't really go wrong with making them oversized, which also solves some of the problems kigurumi maskers have (so I've heard) in wearing realistic-sized full head masks:

--not having enough of an eye hole or two to see more than a pinpoint through,

--not having enough space to line up mouth and nose holes for proper breathing, or,

--having a mask that fits so snugly that speaking at all is impossible, which is not a good thing for emergencies, since heat is an issue with full-head masking.

Just my two cents...

you can likely find out more at places like

where folks do this sort of thing with rubber and/or lycra and/or kigurumi masking a lot more.

snowflakebebe said...

Oh Bratz Mannequins would be so cute. I have a fun picture made for us on Bratz World

Not Bratz Mannequins but Mannequins with Bratz :)

Bratz World

Terence Liu said...

Is that a real person?

Asudem Latex said...

yes, they're real people. look at the body. how many mannequins are that short and have tummies?


Toro said...

Those pics are great , if they were real person inside.
I love real living doll very much
Keep going finding these pics, Thanks a lot

Tienne said...

Wow, you're picture backup files look a lot like >my< backups! :) I certainly remember this set of pics. The masks are from styrofoam wig mannequins. If you search eBay you should find them on sale for a good price. You'll have to do some minor restructuring to wear them or see out of them. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I would love to do that.