Saturday, March 11, 2006

My favourite molded rubber skirt

seems the quality and fit of molded latex clothes vary alot, and i mean alot. i didn't realise just how good my long heavy latex skirt was untill i had some other items off ebay and from denbar. i've been wearing it alot recently, mainly with the zip all the way down for a hobbling effect - which means i can only take short steps.

here's the item number of the skirt 6856733968 on ebay but in germany. cost is very good and they do them in a range of sizes too.

like the denber site this seller also suffers from really bad photographs, but its a really great skirt.



Gntlmmastr said...

Well, here are my favorite latex clothing web sites for your perusal:

Eros Boutique has got to be one of the most complete stores for fetish and all BDSM needs. Their dresses are amazing.

Cocoon has always had great dresses for women.

House of Harlot...nuff said.


Anonymous said...

Hello Asudem; this is not exactly about the photo or blog shown more on the fact that not only sharing your facination and love for rubber dolls (real ones)but really loving the fragrance of rubber,I have been looking for a fragrance that duplicates the heady aroma of a room full of latex and under stand the actor Alan Cumming has his own personal fragrance that is supposed to have a rather strong rubbery smell,have you heard this?

Since I live in the mid-west according to Alans website there are no outlets out here but quite a few in the N.Y. area. I thought if you are at all interested you might do a search on the net for Alan Cumming perfume and see if any of the retailers near you carry it and check it out?

If you do could you please post a short report here?

I really enjoy all your posts.