Saturday, March 18, 2006

One size up..... then onwards and upwards...

i managed to win a pair of new 5" heels off ebay at the end of the week and now just have to be paitent for them to arrive. hope they're a good fit. my feet are well adjusted to the 4" boots which i'm seriously growing attached too, love might be too strong a word but its close.

i'm feeling pretty naked without them on and wear them from morning to bedtime. i'm hoping that since there's less coverage to the 5 inch heels i'll be able to wear them to sleep in, so i'll be in heels minimum of 4" inches 24/7.

i noticed yesterday that when i took the boots off i was unconciously walking around my apt on raised tip toes. this morning after finally getting a good nights sleep for the first time this week i found that the arches of my feet hurt when walking flat, but once the boots are on they're perfectly fine.

the constant wearing is changing me and i'm craving more. the set of three imags above are 5 to 5 1/2 to 6 inches. the amazing pair at the bottom are 7" inches... well i can dream of them for now - but one day they'll be mine!!!



userjesse said...

Its great that your getting closer and closer to your heels of fantasy =) I encourage and wish you luck!!

Anonymous said...

any way you could glue on little spacers on your heels maybe 1/8 inch higher every week

pyewacket said...

Im envious of those with smaller feet that myself! trying to track down cute doll shoes (or lovely black heels) for big man feet is impossible! I guess ill just have to try some serious surgery.
Your heels are SO nice...{sigh}

Kramel said...

great news and great shoes

blackice said...

Those high ones are amazing. Would love to do a shoot with them on someone, but given the nature of womans sizing, shoes or clothes I'd be stuck with them for awhile untill I could a) find the right sized model who could b) wear and walk in them.

Already have a closet full of 'models clothes' collecting dust.

Still want to do some more shooting with the doll suit but no one to fit into it as yet. It too is sadly unworn.