Friday, March 03, 2006

60's tv show reruns....

have alot to answer for IMHO.

just thinking back there's certain elements that stick in your brain when young watching these endless repeats from a bygone age.

one that comes to mind is land of the giants;

a couple of scene's that come to mind, people being taped to microscope slides - maybe a precursor to saran wrap games? and being put on display or in test tubes/bottles. all very doll like. probably an episode or two where they are actually used as dolls? they also had really nice smooth coloured tights, very short mini skirts and those glossy pvc knee boots of the time which i adore.

if anyone can find more images from land of the giants besides the one i posted, please email them in. feel free to suggest other shows that sparked your fetish in later life too.


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TSG said...

Sci fi’s been tying people down and popping in jars for a while. Never saw “Land of the Giants”, but I’m sure “Dr. Cyclops” from 1940 dumped his little people in jars just to keep them from getting away. I know there were stories from the Golden Age where mad scientists had to keep their shrunken ladies (it was almost always ladies, too, strange, huh?) in tests tubes or jars or even cages. And, as a point of history, we all know that “Gulliver’s Travels” contained the first really good B&D scene in literature. (Just kidding!)

Now, I know there are a few people who got into “LofG, but mostly for the shrinking. Just as there were people who dug “The After Hours” in the “Twilight Zone” for the mannequin play. Then there was an episode of “Alfred Hitchcock” where a girl changed placed with her doll, and ended up getting stuck in a box, but I’m damned if I remember the name. And if you want to go with the Queen of the Big Dolls, there was “My Living Doll”, which had Julie Newmar portraying a tall, sexy android. (And supposedly being the one to originate the expression, “Do Not Compute”.)

There are a lot of influences out there, but by far they are not confined to TV shows. I really don’t know what got me started on the stuff that turns me on, ‘cause I know I don’t watch a lot of TV, and never had, and I don’t see a lot of films. I read, but I think a lot of my influences just came “about”, springing out of my forehead like Athena. I think it’s that way with a lot of people, and then what they see later sort of shapes what they like.