Friday, March 10, 2006

If Bratz were real....

what would they look like? are there any out there?

ok so they probably don't have _such_ huge heads, but definately larger than average along with big eyes.

sophie ellis bextor the signer certianly has a huge head but her eyes are pretty small though she does have large lips. and she did a video where she's a mannequin amongst mannequin.

a gallery of her photos

are there other ones out there? if so please leave a comment with a link.



Anonymous said...

There are a couple stories you might be interested in:

Check out the stories "Xanadu: On Display" and "Xanadu: Male Model".

Hope you enjoy them!

Edo said...


Great link excellent stories. I enjoyed them very much. They're an excellent take on what people would really feel if these changes were to really happen.

Omoshiroi sugeru! Arigato!

blackice said...

Actually believe it or not one of the models I work with locally would fit into that category. she's teeny and has a huge head.

I'm selling off a softbox on ebay and includes a shot of her. In fact when she's corseted her head diameter is bigger than her waist.

Have a search for item: 7598009334

Cheers - M

Anonymous said...

The import model Francine Dee has a decidedly bratz-like apearance on some photos I've seen of her. Especially on head-shots.

Granted, most of the photos of her tend to focus somewhat lower on her anatomy than her face; and those are most definitely plastic.

snowflakebebe said...

Keri, one of the models on America's Next Top Model show was compared to a Bratz doll and she does kinda look like one. Amanda Lepore the fetish model has been compared to one too but in the extreme sense. Christina Ricci is Bratzy-like too.. I see more Bratz-like people in "real life" as far as fashions go so I guess its just what element you see in someone.

Bratz World

Bradley said...

Ok, so I can't always keep my mouth shut, sorry. ;)

I always though that Gwen Stefani, of No Doubt, back in her *early* (first album) days had a Bratz look going on, but she's since toned down the eye and lip makeup considerably. *lol* Oh well.

Also, I think the thing is, it is possible to have a *high* forehead and be mistaken for having that big-head look, especially if the eyes and lips fit too, like, oh that Stacy Kiebler person (who can't escape that Wrestling ring to save her life it seems)....

Or to a *lesser degree*, Gwyneth Paltrow (high forehead, long slender neck, full lips and lovely eyes....but she's too dignified to be a Bratz I think).

But enough outta's bad enough that I know two young women in real life who have the overall bodily build and size down for Bratz (short, somewhat curvy), have some of the attitude, but know me, are NOT into dolling (though one is a furry) and are married. *lol* :p

TSG said...

Are Bratz real? When I become one, I'll let you know.

Anonymous said...

i thought tsg was a bratz doll!...or pretty darn close!

TSG said...

Pretty darned close, Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

this is another near bratz girl!