Tuesday, March 14, 2006

An EGL in the UK

thanks blackice for sharing these great shots you did with an EGL called sayuri taken at the fetish club 'the torture garden' last weekend.

reportadly its a pretty huge club over there and he does alot of the live shooting for them. for a book in progress no less but also for the galleries on the site.

his home page is here. he says he plans to do some more shooting with sayuri when they can get time together.

think they look pretty cool personally. what do you think?



TSG said...

Love the shots! The girl looks so perfectly bored!

Edo said...

I was told it's the first time he's worked with her and she was most enthusiastic about doing the shoot.

BTW A reliable source informed me Brad doesn't like these shots. I can't see why, when you look at her face she has a very dolly look. The clothing and the poses are good and she does have that vacant look we a expect dollies to have.

TSG said...

I think the girl looks incredible, dolly like or not. Besides, the bored dolly look is sooooooooooo 20th Century. ^_^

Bradley said...

"edo said..."

What? :p *lol* I told Mark, that photographer guy that I loved the photoset. I dunno what planet you're on.... ;) I told Mark it had a very Kill Bill Goes Elegant Gothic look to it. :)

(and here I was going to stay quiet and not be a bloody nuisance/give Asudem something more to complain about, *lol*, oh well)

But yeah, I could see that photoset being part of the promo for a new Elegant Goth/Tarantino flick....it could be a gun-fu and crinolines flick produced by Merchant Ivory and directed by Tarantino.....

Based off of a rare and obscure series of action-adventure-spy novels written by *Louisa May Alcott*. :D

I am serious. Search it up, apparently the "Little Women" author also wrote up a series of action-adventure books. I actually had a chance to buy them myself (original print hardcovers no less!) and am still kicking myself for not snagging them....

But still, you get the point. I LIKE THE SHOTS EDO.....:p Nyeah.

Now will you let me leave poor Asudem alone before she gets done scratching her head and starts *smacking mine*?? *lol*

And just to be sure....YES, the lady doll IS a total hottie, ok? :p