Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Edo's japanese links... and tv from Rotwang

"hi, just a short intro and some links for you to check out.

the first is for some people I met at Comiket they do events and have an interesting act where they play karakuri ningyo as well as the usual cosplay most people are familiar with. is a maid café, another item that is unique to Japan's Akibakei culture.

lastly is Ni Channel which is a rich source of information for the Akibakei and Otaku types and figured prominently in Densha Otoko"

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
Edo "

and Rotwang has provide some images from a tv series from over there;

"It's from a Japanese mid-90's TV show called Death Hunter & Dangerous Angel with a bunch of supernatural themes. In one of the episodes a girl dresses up as a doll to commit crimes."



pyewacket said...

no doupt u have seen, but I had to mention it here, the recent JP sex doll brothel post on

Inspiration for the Doll makers, especially the costumes.

also, what are these 'scripts' people mention, in relation to training people into dolls?

Bradley said...

Hypnosis script I think. :) As in, some folks use hypnotic trance to make people over (themselves or their partner) into written dollies, and when they do, they can do it by:

--live session, which is still the safest and most common method of hypnosis by far,
--pre-recorded session, either in audio files (mp3s) or in files meant to be used by computerized self-hypnosis programs (virtual hypnotist comes to mind here)
--or, my favorite, the pre-written custom hypnosis script...based on the results of a little-known experiment done in the 1950s, basically this one proved that *people could go under by READING things* and then be remotely triggered by post-hypnotic suggestions in text later...that 'script' thing would then be the *written* hypnosis script, reader or otherwise, that contains the text *content* someone goes under to.

But really, this one *should* elicit a big old "DUHHH..." in this case by *now*. Surely. ;)

Nonetheless, keeping things clear is a good thing, yes? (no offense meant "pyewacket" I know you're new to it all, I just found it odd that you've been around the Collective and still haven't got that particular bit of word usage, sorry)

SteveMND said...

Speaking of japanese cinema, for those that may be interested in the related fetish of people-as-robots as opposed to just people-as-dolls, you may want to check out a japanese action flick called here in the states "I love Maria." (not sure what the original japanese name was). It has, simply enough, one of the best gynoid 'robot' suits I've ever seen that the title character wears; first in black plastic (my favorite) then at the end in shiny chrome. The doll costume in the vidcaps here reminded me of them (although the Maria suit is far more impressive-looking, of course), so if that look is what does it for you as well, might be worth checking out.

pyewacket said...

thanks Brad, i did get the jist of the term a while back ,just wanted to be sure i had it right. id very much like a copie(s) of a script as im taking myself/doll to the stage soon and need some inspirational words.More so, any recordings.The computrized voice sounds apealing as it reminds me of dolls withwhich you pull a cord and they talk.please excuse if i appear a trifle ignorant.-P

Edo said...

I Love maria is actually a Chinese flick! Check out the info on this page.

It's a Tsui Hark film so there are some good touches of black comedy as well as allusions to Fritz Lang's Metropolis thrown in for good measure.

It7s a good film but, be warned you need a good Chinese dictionary once the gaoshai hits the comedic fan.


blackice said...

I love Maria is a great film and Tsui Hark used to be a brilliant director but his current work is pretty average. Btw you can get the dvd in the clearence section of:

for something like 25$HK. I do all my far east DVDs from there.


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