Saturday, March 18, 2006

Love dolls for hire....

you guessed it - where else but in japan.

'Milky Lovers' a love hotel in japan are now offering room rentals complete with love dolls in a variety fantasy outfits and a choice the head you find most appealing. the short news story is found at fleshbot here

check out the links at the end of the piece too for other interesting stories: Realdoll Threeways, Make Your Own Sex Doll, The RealDoll Museum, German Sex Dolls, Rotten Sex Doll Guide, Talking Love Doll, Japanese Sex Doll Watch, Torso Doll Smut, “Still Lovers”, RealDoll Surgery, Doll Album

now this opens up some pretty kinky fantasies of what could be done if you pushed it all just further over the edge...

it also reminds me of one of the very first asfr/doll/hypnosis fiction that i read. its called 'Mandy' and is about a woman in the future that goes to a love hotel to try out lesbian sex in a safe environment... it's here

but if you have a lot of cash to burn then why not get your own japanese love doll? so much more variety than the plain american made RealDolls. here

or if your on a budget then it seems anime fans are now being offered a low cost option: here

i wonder if it could be cut open and used as a halloween costume...



pyewacket said...

have u seen the inside (of the box) of the cheap animie blow up doll? Could it be used as a costume/mask Starter? (no doupt it will have that ridickulas love doll mouth!)Im all set to give making my own latex mask a go,but the project seems daunting.-any ideas on obtaining/making a JP animie mask?

love yur blog A.L. hope its ok to use as a bit of a Q/A forum too.-Doll well.xx

Bradley said...

One word of caution about the Japanese do have to be careful what you order and what you get.

Are there *solid* Japanese lovedolls out there that are way cheaper than a RealDoll and seem just as good? Of course...

But the untold story behind those is that some of them (only some, don't trash me too hard on this one Edo, I know times can change, ok?), are actually molded from a single or a few pieces of *high density* foam rubber, like what you see in infant *teething* toys...not bad right?

It is if you want to keep the things *sanitary* once the finish has started to wear....any little crack or wear spot will *trap* messes and after a while the thing *will smell BAD*. And that assumes that the high-density foam rubber is even made to *our* standards of flame-retardance (some weren't back in the late 1990s, and this caused problems, not in Japan, mind, but with *dumb* Americans on Okinawa and their smoking in bed with their toys).

Point is, you get what you pay for. Whether you are paying for an actual lovetoy, or something you can use as a rough *mold* or model to create your own kigurumi mask. :) Which is where the good news comes in, as while the foam-rubber dolls might not make good lovetoys, they *could*, at least the heads could, make better starting points from which to craft your own full head mask. :D

Assuming you can even find them anymore. *lol* :)

Edo said...

"Assuming you can even find them anymore." ll:-3)

Best bet would be to look in China. They make anything for export these days.

Sex Toys said...

Sex dolls in hotel rooms - how intriguing. I wonder how expensive it is?!

Dildos said...

Japan got advance and accurate technology, these sex dolls are too expensive I think.

I'm curious how it works :)

Anonymous said...

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Shadsktt said...

have u seen the inside (of the box) of the cheap animie blow up doll? Could it be used as a costume/mask Starter? (no doupt it will have that ridickulas love doll mouth!)Im all set to give making my own latex mask a go,but the project seems daunting.-any ideas on obtaining/making a JP animie mask? love yur blog A.L. hope its ok to use as a bit of a Q/A forum too.-Doll well.xx

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