Thursday, March 30, 2006

more and more shoes, all time...

is just not wearing high heels enough for you? then get these cool plates with stunning 6" heels printed on them.

a girl can never have enough shoes don't you know... of course one needs to accesorise with matching mugs too ;-)


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Bradley said...

Not bad, not bad. **nods** :)

Only thing is, my interest in the Kewl Shoes (tm) is kinda secondary seeing as how a) I can't really be the dolly myself, and b) some of the shoes...strike me as unattractive. It's the whole "stripper" shoes thing, having more than an *inch* of platforming at the toes is a cheat really, designed to "elevate" that heel without really going past the 5-inch mark. And more than an inch of platforming up front just seems....ungainly to me.

But hey, it takes all kinds I guess. :)