Monday, March 13, 2006

20,000 and more..

wow - 20,000 hits according to the counter and that was a couple of hours ago.

i was going to make a post about it later tonight when i had more time but i just spotted it up to 20,350-ish and figured i'd mark the occasion asap before it climbs up any further.

guess there's more too all this than me and my obsession. but please do post on the comments or email me in links or your first hand experience with all this. after all dolls like to share. ;-)



Asudem Latex said...

apparently its getting so many hits the blogger system is denying access or there's just some glitches somewhere else. not sure which. just try reloading the page and then it seems to work again.

i've had it a few times now when i've not be able to load the blog and other people having the same problem - not matter how paraniod they may be that the entire sites been taken down due to them.


blackice said...

Well I'm impressed if no one else is. Congratulations!!!

Looks like about 700-900 hits a day.

Can I make some suggestions for survey's? I'm pitching the idea for a doll fetish article to a major latex fetish magazine and getting some numbers etc would be very handy.

I also hope for getting some first hand experiences from people too.